South Bank - Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Mixed Use Urban Community Development, Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

A Place of Discovery: Authentic, Relevant, Human Scale.

The waters of Tempe Town Lake reflect the lights and energy of South Bank. Encompassing 27.3 acres and 3.6 million square feet on the south shore of Tempe Town Lake, South Bank will be an interconnected urban community of office, retail, hotel and residential space.

A pedestrian-focused design, including a central plaza, public parks, a lakeside boardwalk and an iconic pier, makes South Bank unlike anything in the Valley. A continuous linear park on Tempe Town Lake connects the South Bank District to the vibrant Arizona State university and pedestrian scene of Mill Avenue.

Local and national planners and architects have worked to create dynamic, highly active streetscapes that reflect the already-established and prized character of the City of Tempe.

South Bank - By The Numbers:

  • 27.3: Acres of waterfront property on Tempe Town Lake*
  • 3.6 million: Developable square feet by The Wolff Company*
  • 170,000: Square feet of hotel space near Sky Harbor Airport*
  • 260,000: Square feet of retail space in Tempe Arizona*
  • 700,000: Square feet of office space in Phoenix Metro Area*
  • 2.47 million: Square feet of Urban residential space in Tempe Arizona*
*Numbers subject to change

Office/Commercial Space, Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Where Business Gets Done. Visible. Connected. Diverse.

As South Bank's workforce looks out, the Valley of the Sun is looking back. Those who work here will enjoy unprecedented visibility from four sides near the Loop 202, and a viewing audience of an approximate half-million cars daily along Loop 202. Accessibility couldn't be simpler: Take one of two adjacent freeway exits, turn once and you have arrived at the South Bank district.

Office - By The Numbers:

  • 1: Metropolitan Phoenix ranks 1st in job growth among large metro areas nationwide
  • 2: Inc. magazine ranked Greater Phoenix as the No. 2 large city for doing business
  • 3: Forbes magazine ranks Greater Phoenix 3rd in its "Best Cities for Jobs" list
  • 4: Unprecedented visibility from four sides
  • 175,000: As the business hub of the Valley, the number of people who work in Tempe, 175,000, exceeds the number of people who live there, 165,000
  • 500,000: An astonishing 500,000 cars travel the integrated freeway system around the site each day*
*The freeway system around the site include s traffic on Loop 202 and Loop 101

Hotel, Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Where You Stay. Iconic. Authentic. Convenient.

Talk about a room with a view. South Bank's hotel will be an iconic beacon, perfectly situated on the waterfront promenade adjacent to the plaza and pier, and visible from miles away. Hotel guest enjoy recreation on Tempe Town Lake and the many waterfront restaurants on Tempe Town Lake.

Hotel - By The Numbers:

  • $18.6 billion: Direct travel expenditures by all visitors to Arizona in 2006.
  • $20 million: Estimated dollars the City of Tempe lost in 2006 due to lack of hotel options and space, according to the Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • 33.7 million: Domestic and international overnight visitors, equal to roughly 92,000 visitors per day in 2006.
  • 42.2 million: Passengers at Sky Harbor Airport in 2007. Representing an 18.7 percent increase since 2002.
  • 50%: Percent of non-resident domestic overnight leisure visitors who have an income of $75,000 or greater.

Retail - Shopping, Restaurants, Boutiques - Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Retail Evolved. Eclectic. Dynamic. Accessible.

Winding through South Bank is an intense retail core of discreet alleys with inviting shops and one-of-a-kind store environments. Guests will find more than 200,000 square feet of retail, including modern boutiques, progressive brands and neighborhood markets. A restaurant-intense waterfront promenade adds to the experience an experience made richer by the scale and character of buildings and by a relentless attention to design details that reinforce the ambiance.

Retail - By The Numbers:

  • 12%: Expected population growth for the area in the next five years
  • 780: Retail employees will work in the 200,000+ square feet of retail at South Bank*
  • 2,800: People will call South Bank home*
  • 5,000: Condominiums being built within Tempe's center
  • 7,000: Professionals will work in the 700,000+ square feet of office space at South Bank*

Residential - Urban Living, Condominiums - Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Beyond Urban Living. Diverse. Vibrant. Character.

People who live here don't spend their days in traffic most of what they want and need is here or nearby. Services and amenities such as dry cleaning, casual restaurants, pharmacies and markets are part of the neighborhood fabric. The proximity to Tempe's Town Lake and Tempe Beach Park puts residents a short walk away from Tempe's concerts, art shows, craft fairs, community experiences, sporting events and more. Public parks and the Linear Park on Tempe Town Lake offer many other activities.

Residential - By The Numbers:

  • 1: Greater Phoenix is the top destination city for Americans moving from other states, according to Business 2.0 magazine
  • 1,400: Units for-sale and for-rent residential opportunities in South Bank*
  • 260,000: Square feet of retail will include neighborhood amenities and services such as dry cleaning, casual restaurants, pharmacy, markets and grocers within the district*

Location - Waterfront Property, Infill Development - Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Beyond Urban Living. Diverse. Vibrant. Character.

There is no other location in the Valley that offers the convenience, accessibility and visibility that South Bank provides. With a population approaching 4 million, the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to be a leader in population and economic growth compared with other large U.S. cities. And Tempe, home to one of the nation's largest university systems, is the most densely populated city in Arizona and serves as a crossroads for the area's largest communities. In addition, Tempe is a critical hub of the arizona's first light tail line, which connects the city to the core of downtown Phoenix.

Location - By The Numbers:

  • 4: Major freeways that converge near Tempe's boundaries, making it the easiest city to access in the Valley
  • 9: Light rail stations to open in Tempe by 2009, including a transit center for buses, bikes and trains
  • 220: Acres included in Tempe Town Lake, the largest body of water with developable waterfront in metro Phoenix
  • 64,394: Students enrolled during 2007 in one of the nation's largest university systems, Arizona State University
  • 500,000: Cars travel the integrated freeway system around the site each day*
  • 1 million: People who live within 10 miles of South Bank
  • 2.7 million: Visitors annually who attend the more than 100 events on Mill Avenue and at Tempe Town Lake, including the New Year's Eve Block Party, Tempe's 4th of July celebration, the Rock-N-Roll Marathon and numerous arts festivals, nonprofit fundraisers and athletic events
  • 4 million: Visitors to Tempe each year
  • 12 million: Projected population of Arizona within the next 30 years

Sustainability - Sustainable Living, Enviromental Sustainability, Green Living - Tempe, AZ

Tempe - Phoenix Metro - Tempe Town Lake - Loop 202 - Arizona State University - Sky Harbor Airport

Development with Integrity. Responsible. Sustainable. Thoughtful.

Within the metropolitan Phoenix area, few opportunities exist for well-integrated vertical development of this magnitude. South Bank's planners and architects considered the energy and ethos of Tempe and the region as they created a district that is part of the greater whole, a connected extension of Tempe's rich heritage. South Bank is committed to environmental sustainability in the Phoenix Metro Area, by using best practices in sustainable construction methods in Tempe Arizona, and by providing essential services and amenities within the district, which reduces vehicle trip miles. The district's connectivity to Arizona State university life, Mill Avenue, the Tempe Town Lake's recreational opportunities and the Phoenix Metro light rail system make it ideally situated to limit commuting time.

Sustainability - By The Numbers:

  • 25: Number of Olympic-size swimming pools that could be filled annually with water saved due to the sustainable practices employed at South Bank (1)
  • 60: Hours reduced driving to work each year by the average South Bank resident (3)
  • 260: Dollars saved annually in gasoline bills by the average South Bank tenant or resident (2)
  • 60,000: Number of trees saved by offsetting CO2 emissions at South Bank (1)

(1): Assumed savings based on saving 15% of standard office, retail and residential water and energy usage upon complete build out of project. (2): Assumed savings based on a reduced mileage of 8.4 miles per day, a standard 20.4 mpg vehicle and $3/gallon gasoline. (3): Assumed savings based on reducing drive time 16 minutes per day and a standard five-day work week.

What They Are Talking About

"South Bank is a critical link in an area of Tempe that's about to experience explosive growth. It has the kind of density that will make it a truly significant urban mixed-use environment, and it's an opportunity to be a part of an area that will have the connectivity to other parts of the community and diversity of population to create a unique place to live, work and play." Mayor Hugh Hallman, City of Tempe

"As a business leader in Tempe, I know how important development on Town Lake is to the economic future of the metro area. Already, Town Lake is home to incredible public parks and amenities, arts and entertainment, and a variety of other attractions. South Bank will add to the synergy that makes this area one of the best locations in the southwest to do business." MaryAnne Miller, President/CEO, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

"When Google was looking for a site, we were searching for a city that exemplified our progressive company culture and one our employees would enjoy living in. Tempe was a perfect match. The Valley of the Sun offers a well-educated, dynamic talent pool, and Tempe's quality of life is among the best in the nation. We've found Tempe to be a truly great city for businesses." Jaime Casap, Google Tempe

"For pure urbanity, Tempe is leading the way with its diverse walkable environments." - Vern Swaback, President Swaback Partners, Urban Land Magazine, November 2007

The Wolff Company Development

A Lasting Legacy. Enduring. Timeless. Committed.

The Wolff Company is a third-generation real estate investment and development company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., and founded in 1949 by Alvin J. Wolff Sr. in Spokane, Wash. The firm acquires and develops real estate, primarily in the Western United States, and is immersed in every aspect of the development, architecture and design, construction and management of its properties.

The family-owned Wolff Company, comprised of Alvin Jr., sons Tim, Peter, Jesse and Fritz and many dedicated employees, is currently developing several projects in Arizona, including Safari Drive, a condominium resort neighborhood in Scottsdale, Ariz., with townhouses, office and retail space; and Scottsdale Quarter, a 1.5 million-square-foot upscale mixed-use project featuring office, retail and residential space.

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